Friday, September 22, 2023

the she

I tell people
she comes from my hometown
they think I am delusional
"that doesn't mean
you are meant for each other"

she comes from Mumbai
and I, from Cleveland, Ohio
her heart sings a one-note
symphony, lets me know
I am alive and well, and I am good

her smile
breaks down the wall of every grand 
temple housing a false god
her feet forge a path
to the secret, sacred lamp
of my innermost heart-hovel

the power of confusion

don't underestimate

the power

of confusion

in a field

in the dusky mist

of early autumn

I cannot see

what I cannot imagine

but the horses come

eat apples from my hand

bestow their grace

on my eyes

I see the quivering light, then

of my bewildered heart

Sunday, September 10, 2023

the beginning of the end, or, blame is always shared, isn't it?


she was kind

to outsiders, always

a defense witness

for anybody living

on the fringe


I once asked her "If Jesus came back

and asked you to do one thing

would you do it?"

she smiled

and said nothing


later confided in me

she felt Jesus wanted her

to finish college

get a religion degree

become a pastor


so she applied for a student loan

went back to school

for two weeks, then

declaring there is no God

dropped out



the loan dogged her

she moved out of town


a defense witness

for everyone scrapping their way

through an alternative lifestyle

fell in love

with a heroin addict


the rest is calculable

simple math, but exponents

must be tacked on

to the grief

spread liberally

amongst us all

Sunday, September 3, 2023

from one cup to another

science and religion
which were both there before you
at one time, were indistinguishable

may your hope be manifest
a car was once just a thought
maybe that's how it works

if you are of a scientific mind
open it
maybe God doesn't exist
but maybe does

maybe God is a teacup full of consciousness
in a palace of consciousness
dreaming you dreaming peace
upon a world of wretched Godlings

take your place among the disquieted
and discontent
maybe together we can decide
what to do about this constellation
of conflict
we project onto one another

Friday, September 1, 2023

going home

"I've never been there
But I know the way
I'm going to go
back there some day" --
Gonzo, The Muppet Movie
the myth of the orphan
often a boy king
a great woman shaman
a savior of their people
I'd rather just be happy
stop feeling like I was miscast
in a play about someone else's life
a misfit? THAT doesn't even fit
a stranger? even stranger
make no mistake
we are all orphans
from another place
another plane, another world
the real loss
when we are so embroiled
fixated on attaining something here
we don't even care about something
that remotely sounds like peace
windchimes ringing in the breeze
from the front porch
of a home we never knew

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

poetry that matters

if you're looking to impart meaning
you've kind of missed it
the point that hits home
is the one so close to heart
fed by swoosh of blood
and the reason you put it on paper
is because you must
compelled like frog croaks
from the depths of its belly
it's froggy lust, it's genetic imperative
or maybe you write for no reason at all
the poetry falling out on to page
a baby giraffe from a height
into dusty earth below
a mess of afterbirth following

return of the pale orangutan


some 25 years ago they were all of 18 months old

playing on ropes and branches

natural comedians, easy attention addicts


a couple of hundred pounds later

they bask in the humid rainforest

a much larger enclosure where

with backs turned to those who crave a glimpse

of their vine-swinging, or face-mugging

even a drool…a long, grotesque strand

would be nice


no one gets what they want today

but I am content


these are my spirit brothers

I have come to visit

to absorb their dharma transmission

learn a new Zen gag

their higher order humor, these days

is pretending to be sluggish

dumb and depressed

full well knowing they have the upper hand

us two-limb walkers, consumers, gawkers

will get no share of entertainment today